Published in 2017, art resides here.

Beguiling gold and serene white sitting besides each other, the pale blue of the ocean turning lighter with the rising sun. Born out of walking through art galleries and studying the mind of an artist, Queens and Kinks is about slowing down and understanding that art within your life doesn’t have to be increasingly ephemeral or lacking in intellect. It is the understanding that you are intellectual and carefree. Queens and Kinks is a dedicated platform for bringing innovative ideas to you about art. This is a gallery filled with carefully curated photography and writing at its finest. If you want to intellectualise yourself and fall in love with the aesthetics that life is surrounded by then QueensandKinks should be your number one destination. You can follow us on our social media channels to keep up-to date with us, and don’t forget to get involved in our conversations and articles, we are not here to be dictatorial, but to inspire through open-minded conversation.

Welcome to the Queens and Kinks family.