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Sexual desire plays itself as something undesirable. To hide behind the arras of want and need and then to drive the body to a bed of daisies and long purples. Humans are complex and skilled in their bureaucracy, in the ability to be completely undemocratic in the face of a woman’s needs and sexuality. This hides in the corners of unreturned library books, your childhood bed, the people you imagine and re-imagine in hopes that you drive them to an ecstasy. Sex, the most orgasmic of human pleasures, the mind in a meditative and drugged up state for a few seconds, it is a most primal need. It is an addiction. The way a body can turn itself outward for the pleasure of another person, and then to need more and more to satisfy the urge. In Filth, it’s perfect. In the most powerful state for a woman, on top of a man, organ to mouth, organ to love, organ to nothing at all. But we don’t talk about that, feel it, even, in the mouths of others, in the girls who turned their mouths at the thought of watching something sexual, judging the one’s who do, judging the one’s who dare to talk about it, hidden away behind bookshelves. So you lie, lie,  lie, tell the old, male politicians they can take and take, don’t worry – who needs porn when we have ourselves, locked away, wanting to fly, wanting to be an American Tune. In a nuanced manner, Jehnny Beth puts it best as ‘the ban on female ejaculation is absolutely sexist..I don’t want any men, young or old, to think for one second that it is wrong, weird or shameful to ejaculate when you are a woman.’ Freedom has no line even when it breaks all boundaries, like the story of the eye, revolting and illusive all in one. The real story is how did we get to such a puritanical state and how do we transcend the hushed noise of young girls ashamed of their sexuality against the harsh and bitter, revolutionary sounds of regressions that keeps us locked up here. Huxley said that ‘an intellect is a person who’s found one thing more interesting than sex’ but really why can’t we have both, a MacDonald like, socialist utopia. When was this all replaced with the men who keep telling women what to do with their bodies even when they are alone. Even in my own bedroom, I am never safe from the male gaze (or female gaze.)




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