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With Hasami Porcelain, the want for excess in the kitchen comes to its demise. In its place is born the product of clean and simple living with minimal kitchen items that are durable and last forever. The parallel design is not only a product of versatility, but adds to the aesthetic of the home, whether it is for the mornings on the prairie or a gift for any occasion.

Originating some 400 years ago, it is created in Nagasaki, Japan. This amalgamation of porcelain and clay creates an efflorescent design created with a care and precision for those who want an minimal and effortless design in their kitchen and home.

This modernity was born in the mind of Taku Shinomoto for kitchen items that were both modernist and minimal, in which his website writes that ‘Taku Shinomoto and his wife Keiko became aware of a problem in their surroundings. While humans are living longer, the objects we create are rarely able to keep pace.’ It is this mentality for simple living that is decorated into the designs that increases its minimal beauty and also amplifies it.


As a gift it is not as eccentric and therefore less susceptible to subjectivity. There is nothing more classic than the Hasami kitchenware as while quotidian objects like plates and mugs can be difficult to find in perfection, Hasami Porcelain is made with utility and design in mind so that you have the everlasting kitchen items you need. It is also the most beautiful kitchenware for dinner parties or a simple meal. Whether glazed or wooden, the plates and mugs have a rounded edge that makes it stackable, for a neat and aesthetic interior that is also sustainable in a transient world. Hasami Porcelain is the one constant in an ever-changing environment of the kitchen from breakfast to dinner

It is interesting then this debate about the ways in which design is so ephemeral within many homes, where there is no real adoration for the masses of products that are consumed, but with Hasami products, there is an understanding of how slow living and conscientious living are both beautiful aspects to life and the home within this idea of kitchenware that will last for generations instead for a short period of time.

Photo Credit: TypeO

The inspiration behind Hasami Porcelain is bred out of traditional Japanese lacquered wood, the ‘nesting boxes used to serve and store food, simple geometry and the concept of modularity are the basis for this collection.’ There is an equilibrium to Hasami Porcelain, a balance within the mind of the morning. However, it does not beg of minimalism. The collection The Minimal Materialist is the coexistence between masses of minimalism, a certain juxtaposition, that still through consciousness adds to the balance between living and dying. The designs are the perfect, more expensive gift (but not excessively expensive) for a close friend or a partner. The beauty of Hasami Porcelain is that it is the perfect gift for most people, even those who do not define themselves as being minimalists will love the clean designs of Hasami Porcelain in their kitchen.

Along with the visceral calm nature that is habitual of the calm mornings that you go to grab coffee from the percolator and pour it into the mug, it reminds you of the calm sea, it reminds you of serenity and peace. What a perfect start to a perfect day.



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