Big Sur, a region in California’s central coast, is the relaxing seasonal  destination for anyone looking for a taste of the blood red sunsets in a decanter, distilling all your qualms through the cool air and lines of Californian road. A romantic and solitude destination, the salty water will taste sweet regardless of who you are with.

The Pacific Coast Highway is open for your eyes to wander, it is a beauty to drive down, stopping every few minutes for another of the world’s beauty, thoughts running wild. The list of things to do in Big Sur is as endless as the vast shore. Activities at Big Sur range from surfing, dolphin watching, hiking, to even horse-riding along the beach. Amongst the deer roaming, the foliage if you go camping, the moss of earth’s beauty lies transient.


The space between the sand and the sea is as spacious as the line between you and your dreams. It is a recollection of thoughts and fragments of reminiscence. There is a quiet calm to beaches, even in this paradox, the wind and willows half of a dream for those who love nature. There is  romance to Big Sur, the dinner among the woodlands, the misty sea, or the unforgettable road trips. Speaking of road trips…

First stop, the Nepenthe restaurant, infamous for having welcomed author Henry Miller and actress Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of The Sandpiper, there is a reason why it is so highly coveted. There is also the Nepenthe cabin where it is said that Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth spent a short time together. There always was romantic feeling attached to this place.Big-Sur-Space-Between-Sand-and-Sea-2.jpg

The overlooking cliffs and weak Wi-Fi connection only adds to the romance of the place. Something along the lines of Morrissey’s lyrics Nature is a language can’t you speak begs to originate from here, or at least, Henry Miller’s Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch, which is in fact autobiographical of his time spent at Big Sur. In 1969, the celebration of Big Sur saw Joni Mitchell, soul artist with a voice made of diamonds you would find at the bottom of the sea, performing a rendition of The Youngblood’s track Get Together, in the modern age of political outrage, it seems the song is a fitting reminder of the efflorescent beauty in the world. If you’re artistic, the place has inspired all types of artists, and you might as well add yourself to the list.

For a bit of serenity, there’s always a quiet area, amongst the mist and mountains there is a beauty in the places that can be both adventurous and quiet. The highway tells the stories of a million sunrises, and yet in the silence, it feels that the beauty is in solitude. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and nobody else can see the sun rise and fall, the misty air fill you up, the way you can.



The rocks scenic as the drive, and we all know that nothing expected is worth the drive. So chase after the unexpected, the mist nothing but sunshine on your face. The sand it runs like history and reminiscence of sticky hands and sweaty love, the world is infinite, Shakespeare said something heavenly about it being your oyster.

Let the space between the sand and the sea inspire you with the stories yet to be told.

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